Necessary Roughness, Week 3 in the NFL

Necessary Roughness presents

Week Three in the NFL:
Mark Sanchez uses his head for more than just housing his dreamy face


…the Houston Texans were hot blooded!
…the Detroit Lions are riding a one-game win streak!
…dreamy Jets QB has really bright future!  Unless his coach eats him!
…tired, old guys can heave miraculous game-winning touchdown passes!
…the Jets/Titans/Titans/Oilers game ended with 13 straight incompletions!
…the Seattle Seahawk jerseys were louder than grunge, louder than the 12th Man!
…TO used a tiny hat to squeeze his emotions into submission instead of lashing out!

…beyond belief!

1st and Goal…

At least, maybe for one week, Favre deserved all the attention.  His half-gun-sling-half-prayer into the end zone was a miracle, but that game was great for many other reasons.  Vernon Davis had his record-shattering 7th coming-out-party!  Way to go Vernon!  We’ll see you again next year.  Also, Mike Singletary can surely come up with a few more items to hang around his neck.  I hope he gets creative next week against Saint Louis.

Mike Tirico alluded to it Monday night, but that was a giant mulligan the NFL served Jerry Jones and the Dallas Cowboys.  Just in case they couldn’t get it done on national television for their home opener (which they couldn’t), they’re at home on national television the following week with Jake Delhomme and his circus of bumbling fumbles?  Come on, that’s a lock even with Tony Romo in a slightly big game atmosphere.

It’s not going to be easy for you to embrace guys like Pierre Garcon and Pierre Thomas, but if they are on your favorite team, you have no choice.  Of course these guys aren’t really from France, but you’re never going to wash them clean from the stigma in your mind.  So just tell yourself that they are from the part of France that doesn’t make them gay, whatever town or region that might be.  You could also tell yourself they are from a French-speaking part of Canada.  That might help.  There might be lumberjacks there.  Whatever it takes. 

Calm down Cincinnati.  The Bengals still haven’t won enough games against the Steelers to ever call that a rivalry and the Ravens are still the scariest looking team in the AFC North (and maybe the entire League).  On the bright side, it was a nice win for the Bengals and all of their fans.  On the not so bright side, it was probably the marquee win in a long season full of ups and downs, injuries, questionable coaching decisions and blank stares on your way to 8-8.  The Bengals have just enough offense to be feisty, just enough defense to be stingy and not enough of either to really make a difference.  Have fun with that.


Extra point…

Before too long, and assuming his coach doesn’t accidentally eat him, the Mark Sanchez Smoldering Dreaminess Hotness is going to overtake the Tom Brady Dreamtime Dimples Hotness.  Just wait and see.  And when it does, the Jets will be transformed into the New York Sex Fires of Football, and Joe Namath will be very pleased.

…it’s good!

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