Necessary Roughness, Week 14 in the NFL

NR presents

A Super Skimpy Week 14 in the NFL :
There’s a strange Brown stain on the Terrible Towel


…what I wouldn’t have given to be at that KC/BUF game!
…as of today, the entire AFC South is in the hunt for a playoff spot!
…Dom Capers tried a 1-5-5 defensive alignment aptly named Psycho!

…beyond belief!

the wade phillips memorial 4th and goal go for it in the first quarter…

The big question from the weekend was whether or not Randy Moss “quit” on Tom Brady and the Patriots. Quit? Not even close. We’ve seen Randy Moss quit before in Oakland, and quitting for Randy means quite literally…quitting. As in, not even dressing for the games anymore, so Randy really didn’t quit on Sunday. Did Randy take run plays off? Of course. Did he not sell out on a route a few times when he thought he wouldn’t get the ball? Sure. Was he frustrated all game due to Chris Gamble jamming him at the line and playing pretty tough coverage defense? Of course. That’s the way you play Moss. All of the above is the complete Randy Moss Experience, but he didn’t quit and one would get the feeling the Panthers won the game reading Chris Gamble’s post game comments. The thing about Randy is that he is a transcendent talent, and if you shut him down for 24 plays, he will usually burn you for an 80-yard touchdown on the 25th play. He didn’t on Sunday, but the Pats won the game. New York Jets cornerback Darrelle Revis shut Randy down twice this season, but the Jets only won one of those games. I’m a little concerned that Gamble and the other trash-talking Panthers might have kicked a sleeping dog. This is the exact kind of motivation that Bill Belichick and the other Pats need to unleash a batch of Mike Tomlin Fiery Hell on the NFL. Maybe the Panthers motivated the Patriots on purpose so that the NFL playoffs will be even more exciting while they are sitting at home in January watching the games and wondering who the new head coach will be or if the NFL will move their team to London. Great job Panthers!

…appropriately stuffed at the goal line!


Rest in peace Chris Henry. Your life ended as it existed, one wild ride. Hopefully you’ve found the peace you couldn’t find in this life

…back in full next week!

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